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Water To Wine

I’ve had conversation with several young adults recently and each described a severe pruning process they were passing through in this season. The anointing in those conversations seemed to rest on the words or the thought “if you want deliverance from what is plaguing you…discover or rediscover the peace and revelation that comes in a life of serving.” The encouragement the prophetic brings is so needed in these times, but if not applied with the necessary patience it can lead to everything being about my destiny, my purpose, my promotion, my fulfillment, my success, and my story.

Saul was ministered to by a prophet whose words never failed. However, impatience and an unwillingness to submit to the timing will trip us up even if Samuel is present. Even in our position of being promoted to kings, it still requires continually submitting to a life of “serving.”

Can revelation come out of just patiently serving? When the water was turned to wine by our Lord the scripture is clear that only “the servants who had drawn the water knew” where the wine had come from. (John 2:9 NKJV) If you don’t mind drawing the water, you will have the revelation of the wine.

The Son of Man began his public ministry of miracles by serving his mother’s desire to help a family who ran out of wine at a wedding and ended his ministry by washing His disciples feet and encouraging them to wash each others feet. Now His promotion to King involves making intercession for us.

Yes, deliverance comes through serving. It creates the necessary space in our journey to give us time to get a hold of the revelation we need to come into our next season or assignment. Serving keeps us from running a race that is powered mainly by our expectations. So, go draw some more water in this season; it’s going to turn into a good wine.

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