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Jewish Month of Adar

Adar is the 12th month of the Jewish religious calendar. The Book of Esther has at least 8 references to the month of Adar. It was the final month of the 12 months wicked Haman had been casting lots (pur) to discern the best time to implement his plan to destroy the Jews living in Persia (Iran). In order to defeat Haman’s plan, Queen Esther had to be challenged by Mordecai to come fully into her Jewish identity. We are being called to a reveal your identity banquet table.

In this season our identity as individuals, families, and communities is shifting into a fuller expression of what God intended. However, we must know that our enemy will resist our understanding of and our functioning in who we are called to be. If Jesus had to go through encounters that questioned who He was… “If You are the Son of God” (Luke 4:3,9) …then we should not expect to go unchallenged.

Naphtali, the 6th son of Jacob and the tribe for this month means “my wrestling.” We can only understand our identity to the level it has been tested and exercised. Let your dreams in this season help you in your “wrestling” to connect the favor you have experienced in the past with the risk you must take in order to express your new identity as Esther did.

The Feast of Purim on the 14th and 15th of Adar are days of great celebration for the Jewish people because they were able to overcome their enemies. We are to celebrate in this season as we see how God is securing our future by expanding our faith to actually risk functioning in our new identity.

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