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Jewish Month of Kislev

Today, November 26th, is the first day of the 9th month of Kislev. The 8-days of Hanukkah begin in this month. Each daily lighting of another of the 8 Menorah lamps is a reminder to rekindle our faith and remember, Jesus is the light of the world and our own calling to be lights in this world.

The Hebrew letter Samech, pictured above, is associated with Kislev and has the meaning of coming full circle. However, this letter gives us a place to step off the cycle we have been in and use the revelation of our past season to step into the promise of the future…a hope not fully seen before. We do not want to have to repeat old cycles or face the same situations with old revelation.

The tribe for this month is Benjamin, the youngest of Jacob’s sons. The young will have their day to rule so it is a month to surround ourselves with thoughts of how we can stay connected to the younger generation in ways that bring forth righteous rule in the land.

It is a month of darkness with increasingly longer nights and shorter days. But, we remember King David said of the Lord, “Even the darkness is not dark to You and the night is as bright as day.” In your dreams this month, look for how your dreams are shining a light on the path ahead of you.

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