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Jewish Month of Tammuz, 5778

Jewish Month of Tammuz, 5778

Tammuz is the fourth month of the Jewish religious calendar. The seventeenth of Tammuz is the day of the “great sin” at the foot of the mountain where Israel made the golden calf when there was delay in Moses’ return from the top of the mountain. This scene is a reminder there is the place of the God’s presence and the place His people should be cultivating an atmosphere for His presence. Sin will always manifest when the people turn the job of getting in the revelatory presence of God over to the professionals. It is time for each of us to receive a “vision” from His presence. On the fifth day of Tammuz, the heavens were opened and Ezekiel saw visions of the glory of God and received his commission.

Impatience this month will only lead us backward. Any delay we experience cannot be seen as an excuse for returning to habitual routes and old shortcuts we have taken in the past. There are new pathways forming in us that do not lead to the same old traffic jam. Remember, this month you are nearing the end of a long journey that has rewarded you with patience and endurance. Resist the discouragement a taunting legalist spirit is attempting to speak over you that presumes to know how things will turn out for you. Just keep growing and going in the midst of not fully knowing.

How you see yourself will be key this month. Reuben is the tribe for this month and his name means “behold a son.” In a dream this month, a faithful servant of a royal family was given a highlighter green wristband that gave him authority to be identified as a member of the family and to speak on their behalf. As he walked the grounds of their large estate, he was the envy of all who saw the bright green wristband he was wearing. Green is connected to the Spirit of Counsel. Look for your dreams and visions this month to highlight your place in the royal family and bring counsel to you concerning what thoughts aid or hinder your understanding of your place in His family.

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