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Jewish Month of Iyar

Jewish Month of Iyar, 5778

This second month of Iyar is between Passover in the first month of Nisan and Pentecost in the third month of Sivan. It is the month between Israel’s Passover deliverance from slavery in Egypt and the giving of the commandments and culture at Mount Sinai. It is the time between Christ sacrificial death and resurrection at Passover, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. So, Iyar can represent the place between your new beginning and your established pattern. During this season, Moses, attempted to sit alone as a judge for all the people, but upon the advice of his father-in-law, Jethro, he established a pattern of having chosen leaders judge the people. It will be important this month to understand you need the help of others to move into your new established pattern.

This can also be a month in which the trauma of our past season comes up trying to rule us in our new beginning. Iyar is considered a month of healing trauma since it was during this time the Lord showed Moses a tree he could throw into the bitter waters of Marah to make them sweet. Our Lord Jesus spent forty days in His resurrection body ministering to His broken and fearful disciples. If we let the trauma of our wounded soul rule, then fear will overtake us. Peer deeply into the wounds of Jesus and receive your healing this month.

Issachar, Leah’s fifth son, is the tribe associated with this month of Iyar. It is said of the sons of Issachar they were “men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do.” (1 Chron 12:32) They were considered the Torah tribe, so it will be important to stay in the word to receive the wisdom and understanding we will need. Staying in faith is always a big deal, but in transitional places it is an especially big deal. Use everything you can from your dreams and visions this month to stay in faith and receive courage as the Lord brings forth in you an established pattern, so you can advance.

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