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Don’t fight the contrast

In this season of becoming a new wineskin, it’s a good time to remind ourselves that the contrasts within the roles of life come for a reason: to nurture humility and prepare us for what may be our next step. The truly noble do not allow themselves to be consumed with fighting against every contrasting situation life offers.

We start young and strong but gradually become older and weaker. A mom dresses in her best for a night out and returns home to change a dirty diaper. A dad’s skill at work doesn’t always seem to work at home.

David was called on to play music for King Saul but went back and forth to take care of his father’s sheep. The resurrected King of all creation served breakfast on the seashore to His disciples. An Apostle who had exceedingly great revelations made tents to help support his ministry. The only begotten Son of God probably apprenticed as a carpenter. Zechariah prophesied “your king is coming to you…humble, and mounted on a donkey.”

Don’t fight the contrast! If you learn to work within the realm of contrast, you will be promoted. Joseph went from favored son, to favored slave, to favored prisoner, to favored ruler, and back to favored son. Don’t make your life an either/or: I’ll be the king and nothing else.” If you do, you will find yourself locked out of the house of wisdom with no rest for your soul. Lasting promotion will not find you. Remember, the

humble are blessed with inheriting the earth and before receiving honor is the table of humility. You may walk with kings and yet need to clean the palace.

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